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Ongoing advice and services
We provide a confidential, helpful and competitive service to industry and will keep you informed during the process and provide follow up information as required. We can provide references as requested. We have good long term relationships with the Mining and Tenement Branch of DMITRE and field officers. Contact us for free quotes, timelines and advice.
Quarry Rehabilitation
Applications under the Extractive Areas Rehabilitation Fund (EARF) are, in most cases, prepared and submitted free of charge to DMITRE (Mining Branch) for appraisal. The EARF can provide funding for the rehabilitation of abandoned lease sites and old worked out areas on current leases.
Once approved all costs are covered by the EARF. We have been working with this fund since 1974 providing millions of dollars to mining companies to undertake their rehabilitation. We also provide mine closure plans. Please contact us for free consultation.

Pegging mining leases for minerals and extractive minerals

Talk to us before you set off down the mining path. There are many options and directions to take and the start is the most critical step to create a smoother, shorter and less costly process. It is important that there is an understanding of the current legislative provisions, requirements and guidelines under the Mining Act and Regulations.
The process includes:

a) Free first consultation providing advice on strategic planning
b) Preliminary research and approvals
c) Pegging mineral claim and lease conversions
d) Preparing the mining lease proposal
e) Preparing final mining program (PEPR or MOP for private mines)

Vegetation surveys under Native Vegetation Act 1991
A native vegetation assessment and calculation of Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) is required for all new mining leases where native vegetation is present. This includes grasses and native herbs. We are experts on southern Australian flora including weeds and exotic species, and various exemptions under the Native Vegetation Act. Talk to us for your weed management plan and native vegetation management programs.

Implementation of tree planting and re-vegetation work
We offer a range of measures to screen operations including vegetation planting with local indigenous species, seed collecting, and plant species identification lists (to use as a menu in repairing the landscape). We also design landforms for erosion control requirements and water catchments/wetlands based on sustainable ecological systems.


Exploration ServicesMapping

We will go anywhere to carry out Seismic, Exploration or Tenement work for Oil & Gas Exploration or general exploration work on a Consulting basis. We have had many years of exploration experience, and together with Australian Heritage Services we can carry out extensive surveys of a Cultural nature.


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